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I'm sorry - Ayisi-Boateng

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Comment: Apologies accepted

Oman Ba
2017-11-01 23:16:39
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I'm sorry - Ayisi-Boateng

Apologies accepted.
We know you to be a man for the people irrespective of political, religious or ethnic affiliations.
You admonished us to respect the laws of our adopted country South Africa the very first day we met at a public function in Pretoria.
When you visited our stand at Ghanafest 2017 you encouraged us to look for investors to support the 1 district 1 factory project in Ghana.
I haven't forgotten you told us you are not only High Commissioner but also an economic ambassador ready to help any Ghanaian who wants to establish a business in Ghana.

We're ready to support you for the good work you have started in SA

A quality of a man is to know when to say sorry and with absolute sincerity

You are welcome!!

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prince on Nov 1, 21:26
Oman Ba on Nov 1, 23:16
Apologies accepted