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I'm sorry - Ayisi-Boateng

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Comment: From Cashier to Ambassador

Prince Charles
2017-11-01 23:46:11
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I'm sorry - Ayisi-Boateng

We do not expect anything else from you, because you are not qualified for the post of Ambassador. You were just a cashier at Goil and you managed to own a filling station. That is all that you have achieved, and of course, you gave some pocket money to Akufo during his hard times and your reward is to be made ambassador, a position that you are not qualified to occupy. You are a disgrace to Ghana and if this is the calibre of people that this government can give Ghanaians, then God save us.

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prince on Nov 1, 21:26
Prince Charles on Nov 1, 23:46
From Cashier to Ambassador