Do not sack Ayisi Boateng - TESCON pleads with Akufo-Addo

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Tony - London
2017-11-06 07:18:06
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Do not sack Ayisi Boateng - TESCON pleads with Aku

Who are the leaders of sectionalist organisation of Tertiary Education Students of the NPP and what are your names? Who do you represent and what is your focus? Do you have the interest of all Ghanaian students or just NPP students? Who do you stand for and are you seriously saying that the NDC or any other party should have such a student organisation. As President, Akuffo Addo will be looking to unite all these student bodies for national construction and if he does do this well, many a student group would like to give them their support and respect after all, what student want in the first place is to learn and contribute to national development not to follow some old useless and unintelligent, corrupt and sectionalist and spent leaders who have nothing of substance to offer the country. Are these so-called leaders really saying that the attitudes of high government appointees should be as discriminatory as this? The leadership of the Tertiary Education Students Confederacy (TESCON) of the NPP as an organisation is a partisan group which is of no relevance to the totality of Ghanaian students. I am an NDC man looking to switch to NPP because I was appalled by the corruption of useless Mahama however, I have been quite careful with NPP all along due to these kind of prejudice and sectionalist ideas. For some reason, I have always liked Akuffo Addo and I probably like him more now that he appears to be far better than Mills and Mahama combined. Seriously speaking though, the NPP has this ugly head of sectionalism which the President should disassociate himself with if he intends to promote genuine pluralism in Ghana. He could do himself and the Akuffo Addo brand a genuine and honest image by getting rid of this unwholesome division by sacking this old and immature political caricature. For a top politician to have such punitive and diversionist ideas he will have to go. If Akuffo Addo fails to sack this man, he will be visited by the ghost of this ugly division at a time when he could least expect it and at such a time, he would be taking ultimate ownership of the ugly politics because he failed to act. Please sack him now to solidify the image of NPP.

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Tony - London on Nov 6, 07:18