Until the Special Prosecutor arrives, everyone is evidently a mere whistle blower

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Comment: Re: Who is a whistleblower, Isaac?

Isaac Kyei Andoh
2017-11-07 06:09:13
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Who is a whistleblower, Isaac?

Hi KA, The idea of using the whistleblower is just to indicates how helpless the powers that be seems without the so called special prosecutor and not an academic explanation of the concept of whistle blowing. A whistle blower can either be an insider or an outsider. It can be. done openly or discretely.

I think the writer used it for its symbolicness and not necessarily educate people on Whistle blowing.

The point is trying to make is that government isn't any different from an ordinary whistleblower. Helpless and a mere talker.

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Isaac Kyei Andoh on Nov 7, 06:09
Re: Who is a whistleblower, Isaac?