Mr President, think long before signing Major Mahama Trust Act

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Comment: President Should Sign the Bill

Dr. SAS, Attorney at Law
2017-11-13 16:47:16
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Mr President, think long before signing Major Maha

I have not read the Mahama Bill and do not profess to know what it contains, but it is sufficient for me that a young man was stoned to death while in Denkyira Obuase for whatever reason.

If the Bill is purported to grant his family some relief and comfort, that alone trumps any of the bueucratic paths you are hereby proposing.

Even if all the investigations prove fault on the part of the murdered major, I don’t see any harm that will accrue if the President signs this bill.

If he doesn’t, he wouldn’t have shown adequate wisdom and compassion for the major who was brutally murdered!

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