Should government fund campaigns of all political parties to fight corruption?

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Comment: I have never been inspired

Gafaru Nyagsi
2017-12-26 08:43:40
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Should government fund campaigns of all political

I have never being inspired by a speech or an article like I do now.
Governance should be the way a country is controlled by it's people. It's people in this sense refers to the views, opinions and convictions of the entire populace. I am very much aware of the vision this current government bears in terms of its social and structural transformation of our country's institutions. Research by civil societies like the IEA have come out to hypothesize that the main stampede to our country's growth is CORRUPTION. It is therefore imperative on the part of government to put anti-corruption first on it's agenda. And I can say but I'm pleased to hear the minor steps taken so far. We know there is more work to be done In this fight, From altering our individual mindsets to reaffirming our institutions and agencies.
I believe we can combat it!
I believe there is still a chance to change.

Long live Ghana !

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Gafaru Nyagsi on Dec 26, 2017 08:43