The courage to make positive change

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Comment: Courage To Make Positive Change

Marcus Ampadu
2017-12-30 00:31:29
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The courage to make positive change

It ain’t “strange time” Prof. Lungu, the fact is the time has moved on & our nation should move with it, The tussle between Nkrumahists and Danquahists have not served our nation well; it would be foolhardy to dwell on the rivalry indefinitely. We live in a different time, the challenges are complex & immense.

We need to bury our differences and try to establish a more patriotic democracy, torment PPP - Public, Private, Partnership that would allow us to tackle new challenges Nkrumah & Danquah never dreamed of:
Digital age - ICT, codding, yes learning how to code
Use of mix of renewable sources of energy, off-shore & mountain top wind farms, biofuels, solar panels, ocean tides, geothermal, pollution-to-energy conversion systems to generate electricity to power our homes, factories, & schools

CDC to control diseases and prevent outbreaks of swine flus, meningitis, cholera, etc.
Ensure corrupt-free environment with institution that would provide quick,fair incarceration
Rigorous, equitable & affordable schooling from primary through secondary to tertiary to
prepare all Ghanaians for good education & job market
Fast trains & aviation to criss-cross the whole country
With’ve got to change our attitude from expecting God to do everything for us ,The Almighty helps those who help themselves; the President should stop saying “the battle is the Lords”, and WORKHARD, Folks!

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Marcus Ampadu on Dec 30, 2017 00:31
Courage To Make Positive Change