Dr. Kofi Boahene, the man who rebuilds faces

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Comment: A good one there, Kwarteng!

2018-01-09 10:03:26
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Dr. Kofi Boahene, the man who rebuilds faces

It takes a lot of effort and time to read books, digest them, and give us their contents as well as commentaries on them. Kwarteng excels in such efforts. He is alone on ghanaweb in bringing us the lives, works and achievements of prominent Ghanaians, especially in the diaspora. He has mentioned some of these in this article. If any Ghanaian (or black African) will one day get a Nobel Prize in any of the Sciences, you are likely to have first heard of him by reading something Kwarteng has written on him.

Tt takes special talent to convincingly write about people who are experts in special fields. For instance, if you are writing about a master artist, how much art must you know yourself to do justice to your subject? Kwarteng shows easy familiarity with the varied subject areas he writes on be it the natural sciences, literature, music, politics, you name it.

This article appeared here yesterday and should have been enough but ghanawebmasters are careless in monitoring the articles they post.

I would have loved Kwarteng to have told us a little bit more about the personal history of Kofi Boahene - the human interest stories that most readers of ghanaweb would be interested in: where and when was he born, which schools did he attend in Ghana, how did he leave Ghana for wherever to pursue advanced studies and/or how he got to be in the US doing what he is doing. Well, Kwarteng wants us to read about these ourselves, but he knows many of us are not readers and now that he has told us about the man, we may think we know about him now and don't need to read his book. But we don't even know where he was born...

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