Information Minister jabs Mahama over Free SHS

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Comment: Stupid Reportage

Kofi Nkrumah
2018-01-27 06:19:21
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Information Minister jabs Mahama over Free SHS

Stupid reporter, we don't call this "JAB" RATHER IT'S STUPIDITY. There is no sense in that. Must info minister be coming out every now n then to talk trash to we ghanaians just to show his bosses that he
is working. I don't blame him cos its cos of where he is coming from. Lecturer n now info minister so the talking will be like that but he should remember they will come after him very soon i mean they are coming change or remove him that post nonsense.

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Amaawen abasti on Jan 27, 2018 05:26
Kofi Nkrumah on Jan 27, 2018 06:19
Stupid Reportage