GHC2k bounty placed on Ellembelle defilement suspects

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Comment: Defilement suspects

2018-01-29 16:53:19
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GHC2k bounty placed on Ellembelle defilement suspe

This barbaric unsocial behavior is gaining notoriety in our society. It is all over the country now, no one region is spared by hot men in the chase for young females. What stuff are the men drinking to put them so much on "heat"? A lot of factors are needed to curb this bad behaviour from overtaking us in our nation. Parents must constantly advice their teenagers, both boys and girls. The state must act swiftly to put perpetuators away in prison custody, as soon as a case is established against them. The state has unfortunately encouraged this bestiality. A case in point is the gang rape that happened in Kumasi just before the New Year. Till date, the guys are free in their homes and perhaps, schooling again, without feeling any sense of shame. Meanwhile, the poor girl's social status has been shattered forever.

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