Current Minority in Parliament gradually losing credibility

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Comment: Fuck off!!

Kweku trouble
2018-02-02 12:34:29
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Current Minority in Parliament gradually losing cr

The CHRAJ report which woefully sought to exonerate Ofori Atta of any wrongdoing, still brought to the fore some pertinent issues which needs to be addressed. How is the minority wrong in pursuing the issues raised in the report? Does the writer mean that everything should be swept under the rug?

I read on Ghanaweb yesterday that Kweku Baako said the minister was getting his lawyers to challenge the CHRAJ report in court in a bid to clear his name. Why would he challenge the report and why would he want to clear his name of the same clears him of any wrongdoing as the writer wants us to believe?

This article is obviously coming from a sycophant with a politically stained and warped mind. Like I say all the time, people with certain names who wish to be belong in a certain tribal grouping (party) in Ghana, have to be extra foolish with generous doses of stupidity, laced with serious bootlicking. Examples are this writer, Azure, Mustapha Hamid, etc.

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Kweku trouble on Feb 2, 12:34