Sex with married woman was consensual - Alleged 'rapist' radio presenter tells police

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Comment: Dirty nigerian girls are prostitutes!

NKETIA, Afghanistan
2018-02-02 09:19:48
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Dirty Ghana girls are cawwords

I have been following all your comments on this platform and i now understand that u are a Nigerian who always talk rubbish about Ghana but may God save u .Nigeria is one of the worst countries in the world .Its a country where its citizens have no happiness living in their our country but find delight living in other peoples countries with peace.Nigeria is a broken state...Full of kidnappers, boko haram , fulani heardsmen , armed robbery , prostitution, corruption , Juju, fake pastors , scam and etc but u always talk bullshit about Ghana.Nigerians are the most worldly travel people on this planet because they dont have peace in their own country and every country u go u will see a nigerian in their prisons but u always come on this platform and talk rubbish about ghanaians.Wise talk or whatever u call yourself just becareful the way u talk about Ghanaians.

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NKETIA, Afghanistan on Feb 2, 09:19
Dirty nigerian girls are prostitutes!