Military deal: Bring the supposed agreement I signed to Parliament – Hanna Tetteh

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Comment: u.s.base denied..Ghana focused on it own

mr.J.Gbegamidu Koffie..
2018-03-23 09:06:57
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Military deal: Bring the supposed agreement I sign

N.PP. Danquah Busiah tradition is gerontocrats association without any plan to build infrastructure. ..Like National Democratic. Congress..a social Democrat.why u.s.base..?request denied. N.P.P.have collapsed Ghana airways and have not been able to buy new boeing or airbus planes and F-35 planes and new vessels. .
.Ships which N.D.C. bought for Ghana.young people need jobs. Which N.p.p.failed woefully to fulfil it promises. Ghana aviation
..Ghana airways industry and Ghana ships. Provided many jobs both home and abroad.Ghana shall vote massively for N.D.C. IN THE NEXT ELECTION AGAINST UNCOMPLETED PROJECTS N.P.P. C.P.P.KWAME NKRUMAH WHO WON INDEPENDENT. FOR GHANA. OUGHT TO SCHOOL N.P.P. WHICH GET IT VOTES FROM ILLETERATES WHOM THEY MANIPULATES.Ghanarailways collapsed by n.p.p.infunctioning without building it. Ghana petroleum industry is currently $100billion..ghc..where. is the. Money going..
plans on spending?


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mr.J.Gbegamidu Koffie.. on Mar 23, 2018 09:06
u.s.base denied..Ghana focused on it own