Military deal: Bring the supposed agreement I signed to Parliament – Hanna Tetteh

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Comment: NDC and NPP both don't care about Ghana

and he said what?
2018-03-23 18:46:29
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Military deal: Bring the supposed agreement I sign

Nitiwul states that Hanna Tetteh and the NDC sold Ghana to the USA. Well, should the NPP also sell Ghana to the USA just because it believes that this what the NDC did to Ghana? Is the prior agreement perpetual? If not, then why can't Ghana walk away from the proposed agreement pending in Parliament? Dumbass Asshole President Trump can walk away from international agreements binding his America, but Ghana can't walk away from an agreement currently before Parliament for consideration? Why on earth have such important matters kept from public view and then an outcry that someone leaked this matter to the public? Isn't this matter one that concerns all Ghanaians? Why allow the USA to dump proposed agreements on you and then claim that such proposed agreements are secret and thus should be kept from being disclosed to the Ghanaian public? Do the NDC and NPP elected officials represent Ghana's interest or that of the USA? America knows that the Ghanaian public will not buy into its deceptions, but you these elected Ghanaian politicians can be easily manipulated by the America. That's why America insists all the time it deals with Ghana that its proposals be kept secret, knowing that the greedy and half-blind Ghanaian politicians will rubber stamp anything America offers for their signature. Hanna can't just claim she was signing a document for the Defense Ministry. Why sign a document without first having people knowledgeable with the matter brief you about the pros and cons of the document?

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and he said what? on Mar 23, 2018 18:46
NDC and NPP both don't care about Ghana