Military deal: Bring the supposed agreement I signed to Parliament – Hanna Tetteh

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Comment: Need Immediate Independent Investigation

USA Ghana Citizen
2018-03-23 23:16:31
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Military deal: Bring the supposed agreement I sign

NPP or NDC are all the same corrupt and we need an independent investigation and we do not need any foreign US Military Base. Case close and Vice Prez Bawumia and the Minister ofFinance must prove he is not selling our natural resources bauxcite to the Chinese for any loans. Investigate Minister of Finance Data Bank and it’s Enterprise group on any Ghana bonds and loan facility. We need a third political party period. Mass Demonstration and occupy flagstaff house and parliament till we get all money stolen by all these politicians and bankers. Copy paste and spread the word

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USA Ghana Citizen on Mar 23, 2018 23:16
Need Immediate Independent Investigation