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Comment: K4 used some weird wise way to write off

2018-03-26 12:17:50
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Terpernomics yebro yebro finance guy

Before you corrupt elected govt came in K4 has used some wise way to write off almost all our debt. You criticised him for his strategy. Your people voted for you to vote money for yourself, families and cronies. You piled up useless short term high interest debt. You have no knowledge of basic economics. Ministry packed buffoons. Now you are giving instructions to a well educated businessman. At least he knows the private sector very well. He set up his own company and has influence on the world market. At this level all a finance guru needs is link. You had nothing. Keep your mouth shut

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Jenny on Mar 26, 2018 12:19
Jenny on Mar 26, 2018 12:17
K4 used some weird wise way to write off