Don’t borrow for another government to pay – Terkper to government

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Comment: What are you concerned about?

Joe Pee
2018-03-26 14:44:43
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'A lesson to be learnt'

Really, if would be acceptable if Terkper had said something like this: "when we were in power we borrowed too much, willy nilly, leaving it for the next Government to pay. For such reasons we ended up badly messing up the economy and were consequently voted out. NPP please learn from us, let us not do that again for the sake of mother Ghana."

That would demonstrate humility, not this arrogant, unrepentant attitude of admonishing others without accepting one's own faults. He is just like former President Mahama only playing games.

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Jenny on Mar 26, 2018 12:19
Joe Pee on Mar 26, 2018 14:44
What are you concerned about?