We’ll oppose ratification of 2015 US Military pact – Minority

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Major Mohammed (rtd)
2018-03-27 10:47:57
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We’ll oppose ratification of 2015 US Military pa

t because of the tragedy created by Africans through conflicts Somalia in 1994, Liberia from 1990 to 1997, Rwanda in 1992, Dr Congo that brought Kambila in Power etc with serious humanitarian problems and likely disasters that made the Americans to come out with the idea to help build capacity of troops of Africa countries as Intervention Force or peace-keepers to deal with the crisis when the occur. Since you cannot tell when a crisis may occur the pact must be opened forever(Infinitum) since 1998, the start date it was signed. But with termination clause, just like a membership to the UN which is infinitum. This is to our benefit that is how Ex-President Mahama exploited this agreement to bring the fire investigators from USA, Folks We may have a genuine concern but let us not let fear to cloud our capacity to think very well when talking on some of the issues esp Matters on the ID Card. Let us be sober so that we can think and come out with ideas. Folks a passport is simply an ID Card. For military operations or exercise involving formed troops, special ID Card is the best option to prevent infiltration etc. That is why UN troops in Lebanon are required to use UN ID Cards rather than passport into Israel from Lebanon for obvious reasons, this has prevented Ghanaians to use passport to enter Israel from Lebanon. UN ID Cards were very hot cakes or gold mine becos they were sold by some bad officers to Ghanaians civilians not part of UNIFIL operations for them to enter Israel from Lebanon. Folks in 2015, ECOWAS countries ratified/agreed to use ECOWAS ID Biometric ID Cards instead use of passports, Senegal has taken the lead by issuing ID Cards for free movement in the sub-region. Also Security ID Card has your blood group on it but this is not on the passport. A base is simple area restricted for security movements or activities or concentration of Equipment. Military troops must be camped in bases even for one second because in the life of a soldier one minutes is enough to do what a civilian will take 10years to do. Base is for training, command control and service support etc. This afford command to institute disciplinary measures .Communication is a key in military operations so the Americans need radio frequency which must be free because they are here to train our troops capacity in peace keeping, humanitarian operations. It is better they use a dedicated frequency to using satellite system, Initially, it was African Crisis Response Initiative (ACRI) started by ex-President Clinton. ex-President Clinton visits to Ghana, Senegal etc in 1998 was due to his effort to get Ghana etc to sign the agreement which Ex-President did sign. It was ex-President Bush who changed it to African Contingency Operations and Training Assistance (ACOTA) to make it more acceptable by USA taxpayers and the African countries like Nigeria, South Africa who were against ACRI but Ghana, Senegal and Mali etc embraced ACRI and sign this agreement in 1998. Agree we need to modify some of the clauses but if accepted in the current form will not make any fatal injury to us. The rush in ratifying by Govt maybe meant the govt lacks understanding of the matter that it was in the interest of Ghana and Africa so that the educate the public to buy in, Regards

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Major Mohammed (rtd) on Mar 27, 2018 10:47