The 'raped' white lady, the gentle nurse and the goat-eating judiciary!

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Comment: Damongo Rape case

2018-04-15 08:07:01
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The 'raped' white lady, the gentle nurse and the g

I really admired concern shown by our friend Abdulai. I will not comment on the legal implications of some of your statements for obvious reasons. We are most grateful for your love . Unfortunately you concluded his statement with propaganda piece . Let me state that the GRNMA lawyer is working with the facility lawyer in the current case. This is not the first time GRNMA is giving legal representation to members.

GRNMA should not seen to be only national office or national executives. It is a structure running from national to the local levels. So to say GRNMA is not helping is false. Are you saying the district executives didn't do any help our comrade , are saying that the regional executives didn't do anything ? What about the Enrolled nurses group. These are all structures of the GRNMA.
We thank everybody for the support but stop the propaganda and think positive. The GRNMA is growing stronger and no useless propaganda can bring it down. It will be a shame if Abdulai is a nurse. Our colleague name must stop circulating everywhere. Let use the alleged victim instead of his name.

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Atogsirabangbota on Apr 15, 2018 08:07
Damongo Rape case