Despite all his good intentions, Anas is not an angel

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Comment: COWARD

2018-05-28 04:51:15
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Despite all his good intentions, Anas is not an an

You See , James , nobody can tell from your dour article whether you are hot or cold. This article is a subtle attempt to denigrate Anas to the PR advantage of Kwesi Nantekyi. Hopefully you are not one of several who may have benefited from his largesse and find that you are under pressure currently to defend. Very likely Kwesi is monitoring who are his friends at this time of uncertainty. What more evidence do you need after Nyantekyi insulted the intelligence of all Ghanaians with his “ coefficient “ bs.
What surprises me really( and then again maybe not) is the inability of the Mahama ndc govt to publish the Dzamefe Report. See....such political corwadice from the ndc gave Nyantekyi the false impression that he is untouchable, clearly “ not on the eyes of Nana“ to wit not under the NPP's watch.

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JOE BENE. on May 28, 2018 04:51