Find sustainable means of funding Free SHS – Manteaw to government

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Comment: Think Dr. Manteau

Abeeku Mensah
2018-05-27 11:17:45
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Find sustainable means of funding Free SHS – Man

There is no money in China that will sustain the free SHS scheme in Ghana or anywhere without cost to other government services and or to society. We know for a fact don't we, Dr. Manteau, that even in the USA, UK etc governments are using means testing to assess which children and or families qualify for free school meals etc because there are other needs of a nation that must be met.
Ghana is no different but even worse off if you ask me, Dr. Manteau. There is no government policy and expenditures that must not be evaluated on its return on investment. So the question, Dr. Manteau, is what is the national goal for the free SHS scheme? Is it to have every Ghana be able to read etc even if below par; most Ghanaians cannot communicate in English with visitors on our shores anyway. Is it to having bragging rights that most Ghanaians do have high school education? Or perhaps to say we have a lot of university graduates with no work? A worthwhile use of funds for the free SHS scheme would be matching private sector job growth because from where I sit I cannot find any smart parent who is proud of a son or daughter who has completed high school education but no job anywhere and has to turn to armed robbery or become petty criminal to eat unless the family is willing to feed and clothe them. So once again, Dr. Manteau, what is the return on investment or expectations of the free SHS scheme?

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Abeeku Mensah on May 27, 2018 11:17
Think Dr. Manteau