Anas: Celebration and cynicism

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Comment: Your comments are self contradictory!

Dr. Kwaku A. Danso
2018-06-15 23:18:54
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Anas: Celebration and cynicism

Kwabena- you are being self-contradictory and making s3be s3be, little sense.
You know the man even before his investigative work and he was not a saint and npt evil. So all of us are same!
Remember he is said to be a Lawyer! That says a lot if you were to give somebody the benefit of the doubt,
Anas is human and despite his high global image, you're saying that just because of that the intelligence agencies should investigate him! Why don't the investigative agencies themselves be investigated to ensure they are perfect human beings?
Wasn't there a report of a bag of cocaine that turned into baking powder right in the custody of the police and judicial services? Are anymof them perfect enough to investigate anybody?
Why don't those who think he has entrapped them come out and say so? Why should Kennedy Agyapong speak for them?

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