Anas Aremeyaw Anas; The shattered credibility of a saint

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Comment: Anas is not a saint

Kojo, USA
2018-06-29 09:27:52
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Anas Aremeyaw Anas; The shattered credibility of a

I am a strong fan and supporter of Anas as he works hard to bring corrupt persons before the scope of law. I joined the multitude to rain insult on Ken but he whoever seeking justice or equity must come with clean hands. After watching the video of Anas negotiating with a prosecutor how to kill a case n the criminals walking freely in Ghana, then Anas credibility is dented and his integrity is stained. We should be carried away by our emotions and myopicness to be objective in our thinking. I am never a fan of Ken but videos he brought proves beyond reasonable doubt that Anas is corrupt too. I need genuine investigative journalists who will not work for their parochial interests but has the nation at heart. To be honest, I am very disappointed at Anas. Right now, Anas is being put in defensive mode, hopping from radio stations to radio stations trying to amend his broken-glass reputation. His reckless act 9 years ago has come to hunt him today and even shadows upon his future. Like by this time, all that we need to be talking about is Kwesi Nyantakyi and GFA corrupt deals. It really pains me bcos I have defended Anas as if he is infallible. The Bible is right to say "Trust no man".

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Kojo, USA on Jun 29, 2018 09:27
Anas is not a saint