Anas Aremeyaw Anas; The shattered credibility of a saint

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Comment: Ken Narcopong's credibility shattered

Cambridge Ana-elect-trump
2018-06-30 19:13:44
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Anas Aremeyaw Anas; The shattered credibility of a

Nothing shattered. The only credibility shattered is that of Corruptionhene Ken Narcopong who set out on a misguided smear campaign against Anas with the sole intent of poisoning the public's mind regarding the Anas Number 12 expose. Corrupt and crooked Member of Parliament Ken Narcopong never had much credibility to begin with, and whatever little credibility he possessed became shattered with his release of a fake video and fake photos that he claimed depicted Anas. Corrupt Ken Narcopong has now reduced himself into an empty shell walking the corridors of Parliament.

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Cambridge Ana-elect-trump on Jun 30, 2018 19:13
Ken Narcopong's credibility shattered