Akufo-Addo messing up our children’s future – Franklin Cudjoe

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Comment: Get back to the drawing board.

2018-07-25 16:58:16
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Akufo-Addo messing up our children’s future –

Who advises our president and does it just swallow anything hook line and sinker.I just can't believe how the future of our children are being toiled with.
As for all those criticizing Franklin it's either they don't understand our long practiced educational calendars and the factors that were considered in arriving at the academic year starting from September and ending in July the following year or they are just must to be ignored political lackeys who knows nothing but have to react to every issue to remain relevant to their masters.
This tsunamis of a policy has the potential of jeopardizing the very educational ambition that the nation seeks to achieve.
The president may mean no harm but at least those many advisers should be able to whisper something to him and if not the problem will continue until we are all overwhelmed by the impact.
I don't want to believe if it's because the president and most of his advisers didn't attend high school in Ghana or what?
Some few food for thought and see if it can stand the test of time;
Have we thought about some of the organograms at the senior high schools vis a vis the double tracking system? What becomes of the senior house masters and mistresses who are usually residents
The guidance and counseling coordinator
The house masters
The non teaching staffs especially at the kitchen
The head of departments etc.
Are all this usually single individual going to be retained for both tracks or the policy will require double to cater for both tracks.
The mention of a PE tutor will even raise questions of in which of the tracks are the schools going to have extra curriculum activities like sports and culture and others.
Anyone who knows life at most big schools will tell you this vacations are used to prepare the infrastructures for the next term so little renovations and fumigations to control bed bugs and other exigencies are catered for.
The question now is can the schools with their current state be made to run two tracking system,and the answer is an emphatic NO.

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Biloba on Jul 25, 2018 16:58
Get back to the drawing board.