Akufo-Addo messing up our children’s future – Franklin Cudjoe

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Comment: Wisdom at the right hand

2018-07-25 17:41:36
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Akufo-Addo messing up our children’s future –

The double or e shift system was being implemented at the basic level. Those same politicians saw it as unnecessary therefore amended e educational system to run fully without any shift system. Now these same politicians are meddling and politicizing the educational system which they condemned as ruining the educational standard. Well to me there's no sense in running the shift system. Contact time in education is very important. Our children needs quality education, free education. The shift system is bogus. How can you let a student in the secondary level stay home for three months, are we forgetting our intellectual levels as Africans?sometimes we should apply our brains in formulating policies and implementing them rather than applying those political wisdom.

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Citizen on Jul 25, 2018 17:41
Wisdom at the right hand