Rapist asked if I wanted it 'slowly or forcefully' – Victim

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2018-07-31 11:04:26
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Re: Sexually abused minor

My good friends let’s stop being cynical of the gals story. Am sorry to use the word cynical, but the truth is such views are part of the reasons why many people get away with wrong doing in our society. We raise little issues or biases that pacify the wrong doer. Given the kind of environment in which we are, including social pressures and level of education, you cannot fault or hang the woman for going to Nsawam to meet the boys parents. Yes her child has been raped but if she doesn’t money to take care of her daughter, she could be moved to go and meet his parents hoping that they may take responsibility. You and I may not regard that as the first step, but it could be a reasonable option in her circumstance. As for the girl having the guys phone number, it’s neither here nor there. Once the gal is a minor, your sympathy, support and our benefit of doubt should all weigh in her favour. My humble plea

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Kojo on Jul 31, 2018 11:04
Re: Sexually abused minor