Dr. Otabil and the banks

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Nana Kuuku
2018-08-13 03:03:10
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Dr. Otabil and the banks

Silence is both golden and revealing. I, too, know not why this usually vocal supposed Man of God has not responded as yet, especially when offered the plate of accusation.

But, I will tell You, my dear Brethren, this: if You cannot own up to your sins, one and all, you will perish even more. Why?

Because Nyame doesn't like Ugly, abhors false representation more than Anything. If you have the audacity to play with the Lord's name than You, too, shall see the repercussions. More than sheer public shame, but damnation, beyond compare.

Money; $, Euros, Cedis, whatever currency form taken away from the righteous, the poor, from your fellow countrymen and women, whomever, is the most ghastly of sins.

God Bless Ghana! How dare they usurp more and more riches with clever tongue and discourse.

I pray for their souls...Their insatiable, greedy souls.

But, even I can't help those Who dare use the Lord's name in vain.

So as the Word is written, so shall it Be.

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Nana Kuuku on Aug 13, 2018 03:03
Re: Dr. Otabil and the banks