Dr. Otabil and the banks

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Comment: Silent is golden

Kofi Twentoh
2018-08-13 08:12:07
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Dr. Otabil and the banks

I believe at the right time, Dr Otabil will speak, so let people hold their horses. Already he has been judged and condemned by people who had hunted his life for a long time. Others want him to speak just satisfy the whim and caprices. If people had not subjected him to public condemnation it would have been easier for him to clear the air. For the sake of being misjudged and misquoted, it is well and dandy that he holds his peace for now. Putting myself in his shoes I don't believe he is a criminal or would just go in and steal from public purse with no regard to any repercussions

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Kofi Twentoh on Aug 13, 2018 08:12
Silent is golden