Dr. Otabil and the banks

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Comment: Damn the damned. Damn it!

Nana Kuuku
2018-08-13 18:33:49
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Re: Dr. Otabil and the banks

Well said, Lori: A thief is a thief.

Simple, straightforward. What the hell are all the naysayers barking about? This is why our beloved GH is not progressing as it should. Jeeeeeeeesuz.

Per capita, given our resources vis-a-vis our size, GH should be far, far richer but, No! We are wasting our limited personal resources on supposed Men of God who bleed the nation dry. It has literally become our nation's mentality and mantra. We actually applaud our greatest Thieves.

What more evidence is needed? Too many transgressions. Too, way too much Sin has been exercised by those Who should know much, much better. False Pastors, Elders, BEWARE!

Damn! Double, triple, quintuple Damn. Enough is enough, Damn it! Damn them all.

We should be disgusted by their unbelievable audacity not rather defending their transparent sins.

Are We that blind?


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Nana Kuuku on Aug 13, 2018 18:33
Damn the damned. Damn it!