Dr. Otabil and the banks

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2018-08-13 23:11:18
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Re: Dr. Otabil and the banks

Posted it somewhere too!!
Used part to support the dog to win the elections so what's the big deal?? Ayansafo))) eeeiiiiii mowohe. God has a funny way of stripping naked the dishonest and the hypocrite. Always preaching competence and wisdom , u see ur level??? Even at the height of ur opposition and hatred for the government of the day, dey still offered help cos of ..........? Mahama is indeed a saint!!!! God is not alata waii. Mahama was truly " the good Samaritan " ask the dogs if they will do same seeing perceived enemy's bank under distress !!! Look at how they quickly and happily disbanded and joyfully announced takeover of unibank , royal bank and the rest perceived to be pro-ndc banks !!

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AhantaBa on Aug 13, 2018 23:11
Re: Dr. Otabil and the banks