How J.H Mensa tried to save the Progress Party Government of 1969-72

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Comment: Nkrumah Was Right All The Way

Jojo Hammond, New Jersey
2018-08-15 02:35:00
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Re: The fact was that Prof. Busia was...

Osagyefo could not have described the imperialist stooge better.

Uncle Cameron's piece all but confirmed Nkrumah's charge. How someone with such level of education could be a stooge to foreign powers like Dr. K.A. Busia was, beats me.

J. H. was a gentleman but could have made his case since the fate of the nation was at stake.

May he rest in peace, JH that is, not the traitor !!!

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Jojo Hammond, New Jersey on Aug 15, 2018 02:35
Nkrumah Was Right All The Way