Agitations over national mosque and cathedral constructions needless: nation should rather be thankful

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Comment: Re: Agitations over national mosque and cathedral

Prof Lungu
2018-09-03 18:52:26
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Agitations over national mosque and cathedral cons

More than 3 million Ghanaians live in absolute poverty - and that is using Ghanaian standards.

Hospitals and clinics are poorly staffed, without beds, without doctors, with few qualified nurses, and clinicians, by modern standards.

The Government of Ghana then goes to China with cup in hand begging for "memoranda of understanding" to help you develop the county on many fronts, including Cape Coast Sports Stadium. But, the leaders did not see a National Cathedral in China; and the Chinese would rather talk about their own traditions and culture, than fund a single "church" on their land.

ITEM: The fact that people in government use political power to build a mosque, to support one religion, does not make it right, or appropriate.

Where will it end?

When will it end?

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