Dear Akufo-Addo, God might not be interested in your National Cathedral

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Comment: GOD might not be interested in cathedral

kokui klu
2018-09-08 04:10:01
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Dear Akufo-Addo, God might not be interested in yo

????????GOD might not be interested in the cathedral- flesh and blood did not reveal this to you but Our Father in heaven. The government of Ghana is not sinking a penny into the abominable cathedral. It is a small group of nefarious people steep deep in the occult who think they are better and greater than The Most High GOD consisting of a black American female sorcerer posing as a prophet called Juanita Bynum who is actively stealing from and plundering her own nation with the help of her satanic powers and two very wicked Ghanaians -one works in the NPP government in a position that isn't political and the other is her boyfriend. Juanita bynum is well known in America for her satanic and criminal activities. She is wicked and she loves being evil and fooling people. These 3 have colluded with some of the so called servants of GOD and bribe them to support their evil agenda in Ghana starting with claiming that GOD says, 'i deserve the best- build Me a cathedral'. If you remember on March 6, 2017 the president came to read a speech of dates (i dont mean the fruit) announcing the plans to build a cathedral with archbishop Duncan Williams as the chairman of their satanic board of directors created for the building of the cathedral. And the archbishop is this Juanita Bynum's good friend and also hired by her to put in a good word for her to cover up her evilness. These corrupt clergymen were seduced and bribed by these 3 wicked persons to go deceive Nana Addo with false prophecies concerning Ghana and get him on board with their satanic agenda. Now we know how covetous and greedy most of our clergy are- they've secretly taken Satan's filthy lucre, wiped their mouths clean and promised to deliver. They've become certifiable spokesmen of the dark side now. And these are people who claim to serve and love GOD and reverence Him. You see Nana Addo is not completely to be blamed. Our clergy are a pack of ravenous wolves disguised in sheep's clothing who will devour anyone who stands in their way of gaining money. And Nana Addo cannot tell the truth about his part in this, so the few of us who know the truth will tell the truth for him. I'm not against the building of a cathedral per say. What i'm against is the satanic foundation that is being laid for it. And the corruption and hypocrisy and deception of the pulpits that are destroying the spiritual and moral fabric of our nation. I'm so proud of my people and even if they don't know the truth, GOD has taken note of their resistance and I pray His blessings upon them in JESUS Name. I write this with a sad heart, I realise that everybody has a price and I realise now that those who love to call themselves leaders in government-politics, some in the judicial system, the pulpits are corrupt and lack the character and integrity to nobly lead our nation and they simply dont care so long as no one catches them at their game. In the end we have to face the hard truth that we will always be lied to and there are certain instances where there is no Anas to give us a visual proof of their badness. But we have Someone infinitely better- His Name Is HOLYSPIRIT and He knows our hearts and minds no matter how deep and dark our cover is. Build the cathedral, but this I know, every planting My Father's hand did not plant in Ghana will be uprooted. We continue to pray and lean on GOD Who has warned us that no one use His Name in vain- not even to build a cathedral with blood on your hands Juanita Bynum! Now it's up to you and your 2 nefarious Ghanaian couple to lie about the truth, after all you stole the wealth of others in your own country and the government of Ghana is not sinking a pesewa into your abomination. The land belongs to Ghana and Ghanaians though. GOD bless Ghana and her people, I pray we learn to bless Him too.

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kokui klu on Sep 8, 04:10
GOD might not be interested in cathedral