The National Cathedral – My ‘faith and common sense’ response

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Comment: The National Cathedral.

2018-09-08 14:33:38
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The National Cathedral – My ‘faith and common

Why a national cathedral when Ghanaians are not pure at heart? Who is going to take good care of this Cathedral? Maintaining,cleaning,the general up keep of the place when we are Not even Capable of looking after our public toilets,markets and a whole lot of public buildings? We are not serious in Ghana. A Basilica was built in Ivory Coast some years back,because the president at the time wanted it,so that his mortal remains be interred in the Basilica. I am not sure what has become of that. God would appreciate a clean place of True worship and Not a white or black elephant. Stop this ego tripping nonsense. The Almighty is not interested in this blackmailing structures.

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