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The President’s dilemma: Damned if he does it; damned if he doesn’t!

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Comment: Akuffu-Addo's governance of Ghana.

Anang Akanbekbisa.. London.
2018-09-11 10:28:38
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The President’s dilemma: Damned if he does it; d

During Mr. J. A. Kuffuor's tenure of office, it will be recalled, one of the Senior Elders of the NPP, bemoaned Kuffuor and his closest confidantes for isolating the party elders from governance. That elder Statesman in the NPP was one Mr. Appiah Menka. Does Akuffu-Addo involve the elder Statesmen and women in the NPP, in taking/making decisions that affect Ghana and the lives of Ghanaians? He does not seem to? If he did, many of his choices, policies and decisions on national and international matters would have been otherwise? Yes, most surely, otherwise.

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Anang Akanbekbisa.. London. on Sep 11, 2018 10:28
Akuffu-Addo's governance of Ghana.