Nurses, Teachers blame each other for voting for Akufo-Addo in 2016

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Comment: Nurses, teachers blame each other

2018-10-02 19:36:18
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Nurses, Teachers blame each other for voting for A

This story cannot be true. Lying journalist. For a pitance, you are prepared to soil your intergrity. Mahama as prez, cancelled the allowances of teacher trainings and nurses and by the IMF programme the country entered into, there was a freeze on govt employment. Training allowances have been restored to teachers and nurses and some job opportunities have been offered to nurses under the current govt. Will it be prudent therefore for these nurses and teachers to switch their support for fmr prez Mahama who diminished their hopes? The reading public are not fools to believe this story. The purpose for which this story was put out makes it more imperative for the introduction of the free SHS. We can now have a more discerning population who can decipher and think right and not be fooled by the NDC propagandists. Shame unto you, Mr stomach journalist.

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Kwabena on Oct 2, 19:36
Nurses, teachers blame each other