Menzgold has become a public policy issue - IMANI suggests way forward

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Comment: Mendsgold's Arcane Financial Model

Baidoo Frank
2018-09-30 20:34:22
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Menzgold has become a public policy issue - IMANI

Wow! It means the model Menzgold is purporting to be the underlying formula for these mouth-watering returns are not feasible.
The principle is if you dont trade you dont know you will gain or lose.
Menzgold has not shown where it (or its agents) trade in the world to reap such windfall profits so as to make its *lenders*...creditors ... harvest super dividends/returns in the short-term.
Trading is not difficult to understand.
If you buy cheap and sell dear, you gain. Vice versa, you lose.
How does Menzgold make profit when it consistently tells its customers that their gold deposits are intact and safe(it means they have not traded away the Gold yet they can conjure profit and pay dividends)?
SEC should borrow leaf from Dr. Philip Addison's Book of Banking Regulations!

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