Free SHS: My views same as Ofori-Atta’s – Mahama tells Akufo-Addo

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Comment: Free SHS, my views same as Ofori Atta

Big Jay
2018-10-02 12:32:31
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Free SHS: My views same as Ofori-Atta’s – Maha

Nana, please maintain your focus,and don' t mind this dead goat. He wants to divert you focus on your vision because he has no vision of his own.
If JDM wants to do any rexiew, hemust tell Ghanaians how he would review GHEEDA Bus BRANDING GUINEA fowls in BURKINA FA sO and other corrupt practices he engaged in such as the FOrd Excape bribery issue. Ghanaians are not fools to vote for incompetent Mahama after rejecting him in2017 elections. Engaging in diversionary tactics to deceive Ghanaians is disingenuous.He can deceive his party faithfuls to alect him Flagbearer but Ghanaians would reject him again.
His so call tour of the country is to identify women with dorsal protuberances so that his aides wold supply such women to him in hiideout. Women and booze are his pastime. JDM must review himself
When atall will JDM come up with his own views on policy directions instead of copy copy of views of other people
Once rejected, always to be rejected!

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Big Jay on Oct 2, 12:32
Free SHS, my views same as Ofori Atta