Free SHS: Koforidua SECTECH resort to plastic chairs in classrooms

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Comment: What’s wrong with plastic chairs

Kwame osae
2018-10-04 09:35:54
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Free SHS: Koforidua SECTECH resort to plastic chai

OMG! Journalist , what’s wrong with plastic chairs . Is it not better than sitting on floors or standing. Let’s publish relevant worthy stories. What the heck is wrong with students using plastic chairs. So far as they not broken/ damaged chairs. We should encourage our plastic manufacturing companies to come up with chairs and table designs for schools . And should be one that they can promise to recycle to manufacture more should it be damaged.

This story is just like a deluded government minister coming on air to say Mrs Melania trumps visit to GHANA will boost our country’s tourism. HELL NO!!! How? How? Have we not got worthy places of interest we can showcase to boost tourism. Sad we got such stupid persons as leaders of our developing country.

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Kwame osae on Oct 4, 09:35
What’s wrong with plastic chairs