Free SHS: Koforidua SECTECH resort to plastic chairs in classrooms

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Comment: Don't be silly

Koo Nimo
2018-10-04 10:20:59
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Re: Free SHS: Koforidua SECTECH resort to plastic

If Mahama and the NDC had started the free education about 8years ago, such tooting problems could have been resolved by now. The NDC as a party operates on the vulnerability of the illiterates hence your stupid comments. For every planning, there's bound to meet some challenges, but as sensible and serious thinker, such issues are resolved as you move on. Life's evolves. See your mobile phone, was it the same 10 years ago? Free SHS will evolve to an excellent policy very soon. Good job President Nana Addo

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Koo Nimo on Oct 4, 10:20