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KNUST: Cycles of violence

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Comment: Great Piece, you should be tenured!!

2018-10-26 07:59:39
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KNUST: Cycles of violence

I am glad to know that there are way more intelligent people in our country than we can give credit to.

Reading your perfect piece that tackles the problem and gave insight to the solution of the problem is very commendable.

Such that for parents both home and especially abroad who do not understand all what had gone on will certainly have a clear idea.

I am a parent too living abroad and I can confirm that the student action is not the first in the world let alone in Ghana's history. Let's not pretend or deceive ourselves.

If I were in Ghana I will certainly attend your upcoming program. You should be a tenured lecturer not an adjunct.

I only hope that I am not the only person to commend you on this platform.

Especially, for the fact that in Ghana today that the people who say or write the truth are boxed-in for saying what is right.

You wrote a great piece that captures everything that both a parent and a lad of the university would like to know and even comprehend.

Since most of the issues occurring or that have occurred are disjointed and have been brewing for a long time. You have given a better overview than anything that we have been hearing.

When it got to this dangerous climax, again typically of a patronage/seniority society as we are with depraved political underpinnings, leadership gaps, etc., majority of citizens were either blaming politics or even just the students.

Instead of looking at the problem and subsequent solutions in its entirety.

Students have consistently said they did not want to destroy had either apoligized or even regretted the damage caused.

Because they planned to go on picketing peacefully until they are heard. Unfortunately matters escalated to this extent.

But a section of school authorities who had given permission to demonstrate, whereas others on teaching staff threatened students to go for lectures.

This attitude of school management, campus security especially treatingb students as children and leadership/authorities playing music on different notes created much discord to deafening the ears of the student listerner. And has caused the a worsening of the situation.

The culprit in all of this is proper and unified communication!!!

My advice to the University is to quickly clean up the mess, do the necessary consultations, create a better environment for studenta, who are already adults and should be treated as such. And sooner than later call them back for academic work to continue.

Thank you once again!!!

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Captein on Oct 26, 2018 07:59
Great Piece, you should be tenured!!