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KNUST: Cycles of violence

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2018-10-27 05:00:34
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KNUST: Cycles of violence

You started very well, Ma.

For a moment I thought here was a well written article giving a balanced and critical analysis arising from the stupor at KNUST.

Perhaps in your haste to finish off your article with the announcement of your "The Big Conversation" conference, that was when you began to mess up.

As someone who described herself as a lecturer, perhaps you have more facts to the issues at KNUST than a whole lot of us do know, but what about the students? They may have been abused, but do we stoop to their acts of hooliganism as an acceptable way of getting their grievances heard without denouncing their delinquency and amateurish behaviours?

You stated that you do not sanction nor excuse the violence committed on campus by student, but do support student activism and fully embrace active, participation and peaceful protest as methods of articulating dissatisfaction and for drawing attention to specific issues, but you stopped short of condemning their vandalism. However you were quick to condemn the violence committed by private security on the bodies of students and the university leadership’s failure to punish the violence by the security men against the students.

How do you look at leadership? From a one-sided front, Ma? You talk about leadership, Ma. You cannot address this issue in complete isolation without looking at student delinquency. I submit that there was loutishness on the part of both fronts and one part cannot be held responsible without the other. For sure, some student leaders must be held accountable and the student body generally be sanctioned and made to pay the cost of their stupidity.

No sane society would accept their brand of activism. Did the students exhaust all the possible channels of communication available to them in the school? As a mid-1950's child, I grew up in my teenage years reading newspapers in the 1970 and I recollect reading about Prince Charles of Wales being pelted with eggs at one time by university students. That is still unacceptable, but I guess it is funny and humourous than the chaotic mess we have on hand in Kumasi.

If only you had dwelt on your programme and told us what to expect or left the article to stand on its own, the better it would have been rather than this crooked publicity stunt to promote a talk programme you have on hand.

This is business as usual, counting already GhC50 per head times how many seats there are in the auditorium, isn't it?

Wishing you success. Would love to have you come back and tell us public reaction to these concerns if you have to raise them in your talk.

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NOTORIOUS GA LAD on Oct 27, 2018 05:00