Is Asiedu-Nketia going to snatch microphone from Ofosu Ampofo?

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Comment: JJRawlings is not God

2018-11-24 13:07:54
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Is Asiedu-Nketia going to snatch microphone from O

when the name NDC is mentioned,Rawlings should be taken out,he is a shadow leader who has no business to do with the NDC,he is now a dangerous animal for the party,and he will equally be kept far from the party,his value will forever be seen when the party is in opposition, if he is old and can't wise up both in his speech and in reaction to people with equal value in the party, he will never be respected,No matter how he condems and insults the party leaders,the party will surely come to power with this same people he respects not.

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Doobia on Nov 24, 2018 13:07
JJRawlings is not God