Man sexually assaults four British girls and their teacher on tour in Ghana at gunpoint

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Comment: Fake story from a cheap news source

Dr. Dolores
2018-12-10 12:59:38
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Man sexually assaults four British girls and their

I think this is fake news from a sensational, low grade, and disrespected UK newspaper. First, the story is so scanty any discerning mind will wonder.
Secondly, how can one man rape 5 women at a go? How many rounds can a normal man go? And in a dormitory style building and a separate house and no one made any noise? Was he holding the gun and doing the 5 acts at the same time going from person to person? Was it reported to the police? If it was, you know the Ghanaian police and the press, the news would have been out the same day, BBC etc. Do you think the British High Commissioner would have been quiet over this?

Sun newspaper, stop trying to tar us with your level of debasement. If you are capable of some modicum of decency show it and stop trying to make it look as if other innocent people behave like you.
This is a racist story and another way of trying to destroy a developing country on the brink of a take-off.
Sun news, do not insult our intelligence. We may not be perfect but we are certainly wiser and a much more decent people, that is if you know what decency is.

I think our foreign affairs ministry should take this up with the UK government and deal with this disgraceful story and bring the writers to book. This kind of story could have long reaching negative economic consequences for Ghana. Thank you.

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Dr. Dolores on Dec 10, 2018 12:59
Fake story from a cheap news source