General News Mon, 17 Dec 2018

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Put some respect on Jospong’s name – Rawlings tells 'detractors'

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Comment: Papa Boom. Sorry.

2018-12-17 13:58:11
Comment to:
Put some respect on Jospong’s name – Rawlings

Papa Booom, you got it all wrong. One can do a lawful thing by a wrongful means. This is the situations in Mr Saiw's case. Yes, he has done so well but the question is, has he been honest in his dealings with the goverment? We can not accept the fact that he is doing a great job and therefore we should not talk about his hanky panky as far as contract fees are concerned. I think he has stolen too much if what we are hearing is true. At least there must be some elements of truth in it. Why are the authorities not investigation him? Until we change our human worship, the country Ghana would continue like this. Cannot believe this coming from you. Yes, "some level of respect" Why not full respect? It tells the whole story. God save us.

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