For how long will Ghana or Africa stagnate in cyclical incompetence, corruption, underdevelopment?

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2018-12-31 01:01:45
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I don't believe it

Rockson..I share your frustration and anger..I always say this, the best threat to our future as blacks are ourselves.I have studied in Europe and would love to go back and help the motherland but my question is,will it be possible? so many innocent souls in Ghanaian prisons and you have a whole king dropping thousands of millions of pounds in a foreign country and no one is talking about it. In fact they don't even care.soo many greedy politicians buying houses in Europe and elsewhere with the tax payers money and we still quite about that. An aeroplane full of gold landed in Turkey and a whole sitting president negotiated for its release to head to it final destination and yet no one was prosecuted..Rockson the list is too many to pen down so you see, lots of issues puts lot of people away to try and help the motherland, oh less I forget, lots of women gets raped, before they could get jobs and also pursue their careers..I hope and strongly believe that, Africa needs a revolution and we are all ready to sacrifice to make Ghana a better place for millions of generations to come.we need our resources back in our own hands and we need laws to be able to arrest pastors, chiefs,kings and queens and even presidents both sitting and ex..there should be sanity in every angle Rockson..Thank you anyway for your opinion and would work hard to get your email.

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