Community-based economic development: The pathway to a new Ghana!

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Comment: Form Community Development Corporations!

Nana Panyin
2019-01-15 16:11:14
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Good one there

The idea is not new since Ghana is not a capitalist led development nation. The State or Gov't is leader and allocates development funding plus selects location of industries, road networks,hospitals etc. It is about decentralizing political authority for economic democracy.Our Regional Administrations implement Government
development projects.We have Regional Development corporations that can do better jobs than grassroots Community based ones.The CBEDs need Government funds to operate unless they are Charitable organizations.Where is Odai expecting the funding for CBEDs? Above all,is role duplication that competes with Municipal, District and Regional
Administration development projects?
Every political party in Ghana can create a CBED to accelerate regional development.One can see potential of CBDEDs as conduit for political corruption too.Every tribal group can run a CBED to develop its tribe base in addition to government funding. Most CBEDs are non-profits and supplement government projects.CBEDs must have big
budgets to really make a difference. In Ghana,CBEDs will be more effective in rural areas where Government services are lacking and can partner with local Chiefs to improve local services like affordable housing,thrash collection, operate small businesses, restaurants transportation, day care center, senior housing, clinics etc.CBEDs are useful but not the DRIVER of major economic empowerment.

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Nana Panyin on Jan 15, 2019 16:11
Form Community Development Corporations!