Governance is about planning and common sense – Mahama

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2019-01-16 08:52:23
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Governance is about planning and common sense –

Mr Mahama is somehow hallucinating in the sense that,he had all the chance in the World to implement all what he is saying on his campaign trip.
So the question is, did he just realized that governance is all about planning or he knew it before. And if he knew it before, so,his planning was to take us to the IMF after taking over an economy which at a point in time grew as much as 14% of GNP?
If these are his ideas, then some us say, thank you Mr Mahama for your service to Ghana, but, please we have grown past your ideas.
Why don’t you take a back seat and look at those who have taken us from the claws of the IMF and have started growing our economy?

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Kwaa on Jan 16, 2019 08:52