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Freemasonry and the Ghanaian Society – Part 1

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Comment: Freemasonry and the Ghanaian Society

2019-01-30 10:18:46
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Freemasonry and the Ghanaian Society – Part 1

Thanks to the Critic for this detailed analysis of the Press launch, through the organization, content and presentation. I am sure the planners will take in all the comments in good faith and improve on the next effort.

The practice of Freemasonry dwells on ancient usages and established customs, termed Ancient Landmarks. One of such critical landmarks is the Craft being solely male.

Grand Lodges as a rule do not attempt explanations to the tenets and practice. The teachings are conveyed as is received without dilution. Some are deeply esoteric and require further elucidation at Instructional classes or among Study groups or Lodges of Research. The ensuing explanations are the views of the usually academic minds among the Masonic fraternity but hardly ever the dictates of any Grand Lodge. In short, Grand Lodges administer and leave interpretations to Lodges and members. It follows that the writer's discovery on why women are not admitted is the view of another Masonic writer, possibly shared by other Masonic students or not.

Pleased to have shared your analysis of the event, continue to engage more and stay blessed.

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LOKAB on Jan 30, 2019 10:18
Freemasonry and the Ghanaian Society